Asbestex is your Local Strathfield Asbestos Removal Experts

Asbestex has achieved its impressive reputation as market leaders in the industry of asbestos removal because of our unwavering commitment to safe work practices. We follow a strict set of procedures to ensure that no deadly asbestos fibres ever become airborne, and our practices exceed standards set forth by industry regulatory bodies. We never take shortcuts when it comes to asbestos removal and all of our asbestos management services are affordable.

  • When it comes to asbestos, you want two things. A company that has an impeccable safety record & follows procedures recommended by Workcover, and you want an affordable price. Whether it’s small residential job or a commercial job, Asbestex is the solution you’re looking for.

    - Asbestex

  • Whether its garage roof sheeting, ceiling insulation or floor coverings on a small Strathfield property or the complete decommissioning of a factory, we get it right....

    - Asbestex

The immediate difference you’ll notice when using Asbestex is our solution-oriented approach and strong customer service. Part of our exceptional service includes providing free asbestos inspections for Strathfield homes and business owners. This means you can leverage our 20+ years of industry experience to put your mind at ease. If you have any doubts as to whether certain building materials on your property may contain this hazardous substance, our experts can easily identify this for you.