Expert Asbestos Removal Services in North Sydney

Our professionals have been dealing with hazardous asbestos materials for more than 20 years. We’ve developed finely tuned procedures that allow us to remove asbestos in a manner that is completely safe for our workers, and your employees or family. All of the strict procedures we follow exceed safety regulations set forth by legislation and WorkCover. You will not find a company with an industry reputation better than Asbestex, which is why so many people and businesses use our services.


  • You can use Asbestex with confidence knowing that we provide a fast, completely safe, and affordable solution for asbestos management. Our advanced procedures ensure no asbestos fibres ever become airborne which is why our safety record is impeccable.

    - Asbestex

  • Safety is paramount when it comes to disturbing materials that contain asbestos. Our advanced fibre suppression and handling techniques ensure your safety...

    - Asbestex

Never handle any material on your property that you suspect may contain asbestos. No matter how small the job may be, we can help. From old asbestos ridden ceiling insulation to the disposal of a couple of garage roofing sheets, leave it to Asbestex. We use special glues that bond these materials together before we attempt to disturb them. This ensures the safety of everyone in that environment and is the only way to correctly handle asbestos.