Professional Asbestos Removal Services for the Canterbury Area

Are you concerned about asbestos in your Canterbury business or home? Worry no longer. Asbestex professionals are standing by to help with all aspects of asbestos removal. Our industry expertise is virtually unsurpassed, and we’ve provided effective asbestos removal solutions for a wide multitude of reputable companies and countless homeowners. We never take chances with this hazardous substance and our untarnished safety record is evident of our commitment to proper procedure.


  • Asbestex has established a reputation for unrivalled service by providing safe, responsible, and dependable results that our valued customers can count on. When using the team from Asbestex, you’re guaranteed to be in the safe hands of experts with 20+ years experience.

    - Asbestex

  • Asbestex is a member of the ADFA and we're fully insured and licensed to perform any type of service related to asbestos management and removal...

    - Asbestex

We know it can be difficult to assess which materials may contain asbestos. Even if materials seem modern, there is still a chance of contamination. Used in building materials until 2003, it is difficult to discern asbestos in many cases. Complete the brief form below to arrange a visual inspection. Asbestos poses a severe hazard & we serve the entire Canterbury area using our industry experts and vast knowledge to eliminate asbestos from your property.