Asbestex Are Licensed Asbestos Removal Experts

If you suspect that your Burwood home or business may contain asbestos then use our form below and take advantage of our visual asbestos inspection service. This can put your mind at ease if you believe that certain materials on your property may contain this hazardous substance. Do not attempt to undertake any renovations or maintenance work as there is the potential to disturb the asbestos contaminated materials and allow the asbestos fibres to become airborne.


  • When dealing with asbestos you want two things. A reputable company that has an untarnished safety record, and a solution-oriented service at an affordable price. Asbestex boasts a flawless safety record and all of our services are very competitively priced. Choose safety and choose Asbestex.

    - Asbestex

  • Every element of our operation is governed by our procedural guidelines that exceed safety standards set forth by industry regulatory bodies...

    - Asbestex

The asbestos was made illegal until late 2000 and free so there is still a good chance that your Burwood home or business may contain traces of this toxic fibre. It commonly hides in areas such as garage roof sheeting, different types of old floor tiling and covering, ceiling insulation found in the roof, and old paintwork. Many people are unwittingly expose themselves to these deadly fibres by disturbing the materials that contain them.