Professional Asbestos Removal Services for Auburn Homes and Businesses

We’ve helped countless residents and businesses in Auburn identify, test and rectify their properties asbestos related problems. All of our work procedures are in strict accordance with WorkCover guidelines, and our flawless reputation speaks for itself. We have well-refined procedures in place to ensure that no dangerous asbestos fibres ever become airborne in the environment.


  • When choosing Asbestex for your Auburn asbestos removal project you can rest assured that you’re using a team of accredited experts with more than 20 years of industry experience. Whether it’s a small residential inspection and removal job, or a large commercial project, Asbestex can help.

    - Asbestex

  • Where a team of accredited experts that are leading the way in this field of service. When using the team from Asbestex you're guaranteed to be in safe hands...

    - Asbestex

If you’re a little concerned about some of the materials on your property then we provide free asbestos inspections via the form below. Whether you have some suspect flooring material, garage roofing sheets, or any fibro like materials, we can perform a visual inspection and let you know whether those materials contain this hazardous substance. Feel free to give us a call on (02) 9008 0499 if you want some free advice unique to your special situation.