Licensed Asbestos Removal Ashfield by Asbestex

What sets us apart from other asbestos removal companies in Ashfield is our highly refined systematic approach. All of the procedures we used to remove asbestos are WorkCover approved. Our NATA accredited testing and analysis labs ensure that we can accurately identify asbestos contaminated materials with ease and take the appropriate action for your unique situation.


  • Asbestex has long been a market leader in all areas of hazardous material solutions. Our Ashfield asbestos removal services are no exception to the rule. When using Asbestex you can expect an affordable service from a team of professionals with an impeccable safety record in this field.

    - Asbestex

  • Our flawless track safety record is evidence of our commitment to proper removal procedures. We ensure that no toxic contaminants ever become airborn...

    - Asbestex

Many Ashfield businesses and homeowners aren’t fully aware that asbestos can be contained in old paintwork and various forms of floor tiling. Asbestos wasn’t made illegal until late 2003, so there is still a good chance that your property may harbour this hazardous substance somewhere. If you’re unsure about a particular substance then simply use the form below and request a visual inspection.