Asbestex is a top tier company, which means we are pushing the boundaries to exceed current safety standards. We ensure that every asbestos removal project, large or small, is handled in just the manner it should be — with expertise and the utmost care. Our professional team provides asbestos removal services that include:

  • Inspection and identification of asbestos
  • Asbestos Removal of all Class A (Friable) and Class B (Non-Friable) materials
  • Dismantling and disposing of framework used in various outdoor and yard structures
  • Complete disposal of asbestos materials previously removed or stored
  • Clearance certificates, Hazardous Materials Surveys, Asbestos management Plans


The presence of asbestos fibre in finished products is not obvious, and different types of asbestos cannot be distinguished by their visual appearance or colour. Because of the prevalence of asbestos building materials in Sydney’s homes, we work with professionals from a wide range of occupations to provide safe and professional asbestos removal Sydney services.



Asbestos was used in various domestic construction materials, applications and appliances between the 1950s and 1980s, creating a chance of exposure to families, tradespeople, maintenance workers and others. In particular, those who commission renovation work that may disturb asbestos building materials and release fibres into the air, are at risk.

Asbestos Containing Material’s (ACM’s) or Asbestos Contaminated Dust (ACD) should be identified and removed by a professional asbestos removal service prior to beginning any refurbishment, demolition or property upgrades. The contaminated materials can include asbestos cement and asbestos insulating boards. These materials can be found throughout structures and homes, including:

  • Thermal insulation for old home boilers, chimneys, lagging around copper or insulation.
  • Vinyl Linoleum floors covering or underlay, between roof joists, & as compressed fibro flooring in old bathrooms.
  • Corrugated asbestos cement roofing, garage wall sheeting, gables, eaves, fences, gutters and downpipes
  • Fake brick feature walls, electrical meter board backing, mastic bitumen
  • Internal wall and ceiling lining inside homes, garages, laundry or sheds.



We understand that coordinating proper asbestos removal services tend to be a challenging obstacle for you and your clients. With so many other responsibilities on any given project, it’s important to have partners you can rely on. Whether you are a residential, commercial or restoration contractor, our team of hazardous asbestos waste removal specialists knows exactly what it takes to keep your project on time and within budget, ultimately keeping your customers satisfied.

Here’s what you can expect from Asbestex

  • *Free Quotes and for residential & commercial sites. *conditions apply
  • Fair and reasonable pricing structure with work practices that meet or exceed national WH&S standards
  • Quick and efficient service – we’re in and out, no fuss!
  • Scheduling that fits your project’s time frame so it is convenient for you
  • Clear communication throughout the entire project so you’re kept informed
  • Expert advice in complying with state legislations and codes of practice


Our project managers work closely with you and your team to ensure your asbestos removal requirements are handled properly and thoroughly. We ensure all of your client’s questions are answered, provide accurate, free estimates so that there are no surprises, and conduct the removal fast and efficiently with minimal disruption to your project. All waste dockets, SWMS’s, ARCP’s and notifications are easily and readily accessible.