Asbestex Provides a Full Range of Asbestos Services

Do you need asbestos services in Sydney? Call the experts at Asbestex! If you suspect that your building or home has asbestos containing materials, don’t try to handle them yourself. Contact the experienced team at Asbestex for safe identification, testing and removal of all asbestos containing materials.

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Asbestos Inspections & Analysis Testing


Asbestos Inspection Services Sydney
Asbestos Testing Services Sydney


Buying or renovating a Sydney property built before 2003? Chances are your home or building uses asbestos containing materials! Before you start any renovation project, contact the certified experts at Asbestex for asbestos air sampling and materials testing. If asbestos is found, we’ll work safely and efficiently to clear out the hazardous materials.

Certified Asbestos Removal Services


Asbetes Worker Removing Asbestos
An Asbestos Removal in Progress


Are you a contractor or tradesman who needs to coordinate with an asbestos abatement team? Our specialists take pride in partnering with contractors on any size scale of asbestos removal projects. We ensure jobs are completed safely and on time. We inspect, identify and remove asbestos-contaminated materials for residential or commercial sites.

Asbestos Disposal & Waste Removal


Asbestos Waste in Sealed Bags
Demolished Home With Asbestos Waste


Get the certified and trained experts at Asbestex to test, treat, remove and seal any asbestos-contaminated building materials before they become a risk to occupants. Our customer-centric approach to asbestos abatement ensures that our team will work with you to schedule a convenient time, work efficiently, and leave the site clean and asbestos free.

Asbestos Insurance Claims & Damages


Asbestos Waste in Sealed Bags
A House With the Asbestos Removed


Asbestex works directly for insurance assessors across Sydney in response to asbestos-related insurance claims. From initial response to coordinating with consulting firms to determine pre-existing or claims-related damages, we can help. From remediation of contamination, we are keenly aware of the interests & priorities of this specialised client base.

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"...Our primary objective is to ensure the highest degree of safety and compliance when performing any type of Sydney asbestos removal job...

Asbestex Performs the Full Range of Asbetos Related Services

Hazardous Transportation: If you need asbestos removed from your premises, allow the experts at Asbestex to do so in a safe and efficient manner. Asbestos waste will be properly sealed in approved packaging and transported in closed trucks to prevent the spreading of hazardous materials and fibers.

Asbestos Surveys & Site Registers: If you own a property containing asbestos, a hazardous materials report or commonly known as an 'asbestos survey' is the foundation of safe asbestos management — helping you assess the risk of any asbestos containing materials and develop a strategy in full compliance with health and safety regulations. Surveys vary significantly in terms of size and complexity.

If your property has been previously shown to contain asbestos, we offer minimally invasive annual inspections to assess the risk of any disturbance. A NSW Asbestos Register is mandatory in all work places in NSW and must be held onsite for buildings that contain asbestos to comply with NSW WorkCover requirements. Most commonly used in commercial buildings, workplaces and residential apartment buildings.

Air Monitoring: Asbestex offers a four-stage clearance process following the removal of asbestos insulation, panels or asbestos containing building materials. A visual check that all hazardous materials are completely removed precedes a more detailed inspection of the work area. For complete safety assurance, air monitoring and a lab analysis must confirm the absence of asbestos fibers before our technicians will allow the area to be re-occupied.

Asbestos Contaminated Soil Remediation & Consultation: To protect workers, residents and the general public for the presence of asbestos in soil, Asbestex offers quantitative risk assessments and safe methods of removal from contaminated sites. With competitive pricing and great customer service, Asbestex makes it easy to be proactive about asbestos safety!

"Every Asbestex team member offers the experience & certifications you can depend on to follow all laws & regulations. We ensure each job is completed efficiently, & most importantly, safely...

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