Asbestos Insurance Claims & Damages

If you have an insurance claim that requires the removal of damaged asbestos, Asbestex can help you through the process. We understand the nature of such circumstances & we provide an unbeatable service

Asbestos Insurance Services Clientèle

Asbestos Waste Removal Services

Asbestex has worked directly with insurance assessors across Sydney in response to insurance claims. From initial response, co-ordination with consulting firms to determine pre-existing or claims-related damages, to remediation of contamination, we are keenly aware of the interests and priorities of this specialised client base. Our Experience in this field enables Asbestex to develop innovative management solutions and cost-saving remediation protocols while exceeding all related standards and guidelines for asbestos contamination.

Our management team has increased technical expertise and design capabilities, as well as quality control measures during hazardous materials remediation. This means less down time and can significantly make any situation less intrusive to existing businesses or residential properties across all Sydney metropolitan areas.

Asbestos Disaster Restoration Contractors

Asbestos Removal Services

Asbestex has developed reciprocal referral relationship with disaster recovery contractors across Sydney. As specialized hazardous materials contractors, we work in co-operation with these firms to effect proper water extraction, de-humidification, and restorative de-contamination crucial to a successful disaster recovery project.

All processes performed on projects under our management are in strict accordance with Australian Standards specialising and containing damaged asbestos in:

  • Bushfire
  • Floods
  • Water damage
  • Hail damage
  • Car accidents
  • Winds and Storms

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"...Our primary objective is to ensure the highest degree of safety and compliance when performing any type of Sydney asbestos removal job...