Certified & Accredited Asbestos Inspections by Asbestex

Before the commencement of any renovation or demolition, it is vital that asbestos containing material's be inspected, removed and disposed of by licensed and trained personnel. It is also necessary that the different types of asbestos be identified as the material will have to be moved based on its type and condition.

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Sydney Asbestos Inspections

If you think you have asbestos on your property that needs to be identified, removed or managed, Asbestex is the trusted company for the project.

Asbestex conducts comprehensive asbestos inspections in Sydney and is able to issue a NSW Asbestos Register for your workplace or strata managed property to identify potential asbestos materials. To learn more about the NSW Asbestos Register click here.

Asbestos Inspections in Sydney play a vital role in reducing the risks of contamination or exposure. Apart from this, if you illegally remove or disturb asbestos, there are heavy penalties. Asbestos inspections should also be carried out by a qualified consultant if you are in the process of purchasing a property.

Comprehensive Asbestos Inspection Of Your Premises

Comprehensive property inspections are considered vital when dealing with asbestos. We have the qualifications, licences, training and experience to inspect any property across the wider Sydney metropolitan area using a range of testing and monitoring techniques.

We have years of experience of asbestos inspections in Sydney and will provide you with a comprehensive report on all the asbestos that is found. For all your Sydney asbestos inspections needs, contact Asbestex on (02) 9008 0499. You can also send us your requirement via this online form.

Visual Asbestos Inspections

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our Inspection process

In 3 steps

With more than 25 years of experience we know exactly what to look for and how to perform inspections with minimal disruptions to potentially hazardous materials.

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initial site inspection

  • You book a time that is convenient for you via the form on the right and we then contact you to for confirmation.
  • We attend your property or commercial site and talk with you about where the dangers or asbestos may be.
  • We then advise you on our course of action and outline the required procedure so you can plan ahead.

inspection and testing

  • If required, we will temporarily encapsulate or seal off surrounding areas to prevent further contamination. In most cases this isn't required.
  • We then offer to take a sample of the suspected hazardous materials on your site to prepare for testing in our labs.
  • We visually determine if materials contain asbestos in some cases, in other cases we perform NATA Accredited analysis testing.

After our initial inspection we can then provide you with a fixed quote for removal. In some instances testing is required.

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"...Our primary objective is to ensure the highest degree of safety and compliance when performing any type of Sydney asbestos removal job...