Residential & Commercial Asbestos Contaminated Soil & Remediation Services

Asbestos building waste, particles and debris can be found in many contaminated ground soils and fill across Sydney.
Call Asbestex today if you have any issues relating to asbestos contaminated soil or excavated fill.

Asbestos contaminated sites are very common in and around Sydney. They can be a result of previous deteriorating structures before removal, foreign contaminated fill being brought in during a construction period or illegally dumped. Illegal dumping affects communities. It affects parks and reserves, pollutes land and water and has a significant effect on human health. Illegal landfilling is a form of illegal dumping where waste is used as a ‘fill’ with the consent of the owner of the land without the necessary licensing approvals.

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Additional risk of asbestos-contaminated soil exists on land where an older building was demolished. It’s possible that when these buildings were taken down, the asbestos containing materials weren’t disposed of properly. These materials may have been buried intact, broken up and mixed with other demolition wastes, or even potentially imported to site as a recycled aggregate or ground fill material.

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Because asbestos fibres do not migrate through soil, it’s still common to find notable levels of asbestos contamination within the topsoil or fill material used in these areas. Even if you’re not planning a home garden, soil contaminated with asbestos can still release particles into the air that flows through your home or building and poses an extra risk when disturbed by any digging.

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"...We provide certified NATA Accredited analysis testing of all soils potentially contaminated with asbestos...

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Sydney Asbestos Soil Remediation Service

If You've Found Evidence of Asbestos in Your Soil

While it's not possible to recognize soil contaminated with asbestos fibres, property owners may find evidence asbestos-contaminated building materials or sheeting buried in the ground. If you come across a suspicious material, it's important to call Asbestex immediately. To ensure that everyone on or near the property stays safe prior to an asbestos assessment, do not remove any play or work equipment from the contaminated area until we have results of what the contaminated material consists of and its severity.

Fast Accurate Soil Testing & Analysis with Effective Management Solutions

Our fleet of mobile decontamination units are suited for large commercial remediation and smaller residential sites. As an industry leader in asbestos-contaminated soil remediation, Asbestex can offer swift service to property owners in the greater Sydney area. We will schedule a soil test at your earliest convenience to determine the likely amount of contamination. The extent of the inspection required depends on unique factors, such as:

  • Background knowledge of the site in question
  • The likely amount of contamination present
  • Likely source of the contamination in the soil
  • Density of the soil & other environmental variables
  • Ease of site access & presence of hazardous waste
  • Estimated contamination levels from a pre-inspection
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The Asbestex Asbestos Soil Remediation Process

Depending on the level of contamination, soil removal may be done by hand or using machines for excavation. Our technicians will encapsulate the area with the use of polyethylene sheeting to ensure no fibres escape the remediation area. As required by law, Asbestex is fully licensed and insured to perform asbestos-contaminated soil removal. Our team undergoes on-going training to ensure that the techniques used to remediate or remove your soil are completely safe, as well as efficient and cost-effective.

"...After testing, we'll work with you to discuss removal work that fits your budget and schedule. Once isolated, contaminated soil will be treated for transport and carefully transferred to an approved EPA licensed landfill...

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